Let’s put the clobber passages to rest for good by learning how they’re misinterpreted and breathe some queer life into them instead.

Clobbering the Clobber Passages
a workshop on how to handle homophobic haters

Are you sick of defending yourself or loved ones against the same ole scripture passages time and time again?

Have you had enough of being continuously clobbered by the Clobber Passages?

Maybe you're thinking you are cursed, or doomed to hide a part of yourself because passages in the Bible have deemed you an abomination. 

You realize that scripture is more than just black-and-white thinking about some cherry picked verses and you desire something more than, “Oh but they’re just taking them out of context. Ignore them!” 

This is workshop designed for you and how to finally clobber those Clobber Passages. So, let’s dive deeper into how these clobber passages are misinterpreted and how they’re actually queer. 

Here's what you'll walk away with:
  • an understanding of how the Clobber Passages have been used against LGBTQ people
  • the trap that many LGBTQ and straight Christians fall into when trying to understand "what the Bible says" about homosexuality and being transgender (and how to avoid it)
  • what each so-called "Clobber Passage" is, how it fits into scripture, how it's been misused against queer folks, and the ways in which each actually have a liberatory message
  • what to do next so that you can actually feel comfort and security in your faith and know what to say (and what not to say) to Christians who are unaffirming or not-yet-affirming of LGBTQ people

This is an on-demand  workshop available in our learning hub.

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This is a workshop designed and licensed for an individual experience. If you are interested in using this workshop for a group, let us know here. We'd be happy to tailor Clobbering the Clobbers to your group needs!
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The Clobber passages are just one part

What about prying questions, people who won't use the right language, passive aggressive comments, and more?

If there are unaffirming people in your life, they might come around to being fully supportive (we are praying for that for you!) but that can take time and no matter what, you need to take of yourself right now.

In Soul Safe, a 90-minute on-demand workshop, you will learn practical, actionable tactics as well as powerful mindset shifts so that you can get through your next family gathering feeling safe, strong, and centered.

Soul Safe will help you go beyond what the Bible says and develop specific plans to keep yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically safe around unaffirming friends, family, and community members.

For Clobbering The Clobber Passages participants, you can bundle it together and save 50% (this is the only place to get them as a bundle)

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