Digging the Details:
How to read the Bible and actually understand it.

Do you want to read the Bible more? Do you want to understand it more richly? Do you want to apply it your life today?

Whether you were taught the Bible is the infallible, perfect Word of God or you didn't grow up with the Bible at all (or you're somewhere in between) you might struggle with how to read Scripture now.

Maybe it was used against you and you struggle to even engage it at all. After all, how could a text so hurtful be good for us? 

 Maybe you find it super boring. Or really confusing. All those dates and travel stories and genealogies... yawn!

Maybe you feel like there's something you're missing but you don't know how to figure out what it is. 

We've got you. 

The Bible is filled with incredible stories that still resonate today, but sometimes we need some guidance on where to start and how to figure it all out. This isn't about telling you "what the Bible says" or what you "should" believe, it's about empowering you to dig into the Bible and discover that for yourself. 

In this workshop we'll cover: 

  • Why we should still care about the Bible 
  • Why how we read it really matters 
  • Different literary styles 
  • The internal context of the Bible 
  • The external/political context of the Bible 
  • The issue of translations
  • and so much more! 

What we won't cover: 

  • the clobber passages (if you want information on those, check out this workshop
  • queerness/transness in the Bible. (For that you want the Queering the Bible course!)

All that for just $22. 

This is an on-demand workshop for you to explore at your own pace with lifetime access in our Learning Hub. 

This is a workshop designed and licensed for an individual experience. If you are interested in using this workshop for a group, let us know here. We'd be happy to tailor Digging the Details to your group needs!

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Put the "clobber passages" to rest for good. 

This on demand workshop teaches you everything you need to know about all of the verses that are used against LGBTQ+ people.

You'll learn how the clobber passages have been misinterpreted and even more importantly, how to avoid the trap many folks fall into trying to understand "what the Bible says" about homosexuality and being transgender. If those passages are a stumbling block for you or if you want to learn how to talk about them with anti-LGBTQ people in your life, this workshop is for you. 

Digging the Details registrants can add on Clobbering the Clobbers for only $15

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