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I’ve been slowly regrowing my faith in the last couple of years, and listening to the podcast has made me hopeful that there’s more than just “tolerance” available for me in God’s house (er, whatever folks call it).

Taking this dive into this space was almost an epiphany. I’d known about the community for awhile, but one afternoon was like, “Oh wait, I could hav a whole group of people with whom I can have these conversations and never have to explain my existence. I can have nice things too!

I’m so glad y’all are here. I look forward to getting to know folks more and setting aside time to delve into the resources. ::insert emoji of warm feels::

Lee Z.

Queer Theology is a place to find resources to better understand how sexual and gender diversity fit within a Christian worldview. More than that, it is an affirming community where I've discovered how my queerness not only informs but affirms my faith. Thanks to you, I've understood that faith, sexuality, and gender are not separate and distinct, but rather intertwined into our human experience of God and the world.

Max Rodriguez Gomez

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A reminder of what's included...

  • 4 weeks of video lectures teaching you how to integrate your sexuality and spirituality

  • 5 workbooks that guide you through an exploration of sexuality, Scripture, Christian + queer community, tradition, and ethics

  • 4 live Q&A calls so that you can get all of your faithful sexuality questions answered.

  • An amazingly supportive community of other LGBTQ Christians and straight, cisgender supporters where you can bring your whole self: questions and doubts welcome!

  • Bonus: 3 months access to ALL of Sanctuary Collective. We know the world is a weird place right now and many of us our unable to be in physical community so we want to make our online community, Sanctuary Collective, even more accessible to you.