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What if the transgender experience had something holy & prophetic to teach you about faith?
Here's a sample of what we're talking about...
There's more to "LGBTQ issues" than always debating "is it OK?"

Whether you are transgender or someone who cares about trans people, you've probably had that conversation more times than you can count (we have, too). 

But there's so much more to being transgender & Christian than that!

 We've found a much richer faith when we stop arguing over "is it OK?" and start looking at what queerness has to add to the conversation of faith. Looking for that, instead, can be a blessing to transgender folks and also to straight, cisgender supporters. 

We want to share it with you.

The problem is...
  • "Is it ok?" is a conversation that's been happening over and over and over again for years.
  • It ignores the reality that transgender Christians already exist (hello! you're talking to one!)

It focuses on defending our existence rather than celebrating our blessings 

When we stop at "Is it ok?" we miss out on so much that the trans experience has to teach everyone

The Good News is that the Bible has good news for transgender people. And transgender experiences can help to unlock a richer understanding of scripture
A narrative-driven resource for...

Transgender Christians 

Parents of transgender people 

Cisgender lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer 

Christians Pastors

Church lay leaders 

College staff & professors 

Anyone who wants to deepen their faith

From Fr. Shay...

When I was in seminary I was struggling to find meaning in my faith. Then an assignment on the Doubting Thomas narrative in my exegesis class changed everything. I suddenly saw myself in the Gospel story for the first time and it made me excited about how my queer and transgender experience might deepen Bible reading for me instead of be a detriment. 

Over the course of several months I wrote a "transgender passion narrative" and it saved my faith. It was the first time in a long time that I felt emotionally engaged with God and with theology. I’m excited to announce the release of Walking Toward Resurrection.

Brandon Beck,

As I explored my transition from female to male, I grew distant from my faith. I found Walking Toward Resurrection after I transitioned and it helped me to regain that connection between spirituality and my transness.

Are you ready for your faith to explode? Here are some revelations that await ...

Walking Toward Resurrection is 68-pages long, in PDF format. Here's a tiny, tiny bit of what you'll find inside:

The moment when Jesus "comes out" 

How Jesus can relate to the "broken record" of having to come out over and over and over again 

A bit of time traveling back to where it really began 

When others know someone is a queer before they do 

What "taking up your cross" means for LGBTQ people — and what it definitely doesn't mean 

Some Judases that you might have met (and why some folks might you you are a Judas) 

Do you transgender people break our bodies? and for whom? 


What Jesus's last night in The Garden has to do with transition 

The public and private toll of Crucifixion 

What we need to learn from Easter Saturday — that quiet, uncertain, often skipped over day 

What Mary can teach us about family 

What to make of misrecognition? 

Trans scars are holy (and how a misunderstood disciple can help you remember that)

What does Resurrection look like?

Claiming Your Spiritual Story
Claiming Your Spiritual Story is a digital companion journal to Walking Toward Resurrection and walks through the process of uncovering new meaning in Scripture by looking at your own life and of claiming your own story as sacred. 

You have something unique and profound inside of you — just by moving through life. Your existence is revolutionary. With Claiming Your Spiritual Story you will be able to put language to all the parts of who you are — even the parts that feel scary or shameful. In doing so, you'll unlock even more insights into your faith.
Here's what you get:

You'll get instant electronic delivery of Walking Toward Resurrection. Plus, you'll get instant access to the bonus, companion journal: Claiming Your Spiritual Story.

An introduction to transgender theology 

Deep, theological explorations of 14 different Biblical passages, with connections to transgender and LGBTQ experiences Inspiring, personal reflection 

43 prompts to guide you through the process of claiming your own spiritual story 

No questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee

This will transform your life & faith...

Whether you rip through the book in one sitting (it's really hard to put down!) or you luxuriate in it by reading a chapter a day, the transformation will begin immediately. Based on the 100s of folks who have read it so far, we are confident that your faith will never be the same. But we want to make sure you know we're serious...

... Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're book lovers. Fr. Shay worked at a book store for many years (and his collection of books makes Brian's "dozens of books on a self" look minuscule in comparison). There's something about going into a local bookstore or library and thumbing through a book to make sure you really want it before you buy it. The internet has done amazing things for LGBTQ people but it can't (yet) make a book appear in your hands.

So we're standing by this. If you're not satisfied with Walking Toward Resurrection, we offer a full, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for 90 days. All you have to do is reply to the order confirmation and we'll refund you.

(We're pretty confident you're going to love it: we've only had one person ask for a refund so far)


Queer Theology is a way for me to reconcile my love for Christ and identity as a transgender Christian.

Jon Carl
New Jersey

In the transition period between going to an unaffirming church and finding a new church home, the resources here became, in my mind, the real manifestation of the Body of Christ for me.


Queer Theology has helped me reclaim the Bible as a tool for making meaning in my life. I hoped to find a place to go deeper in my explorations without having to apologize for either my queerness or my Christianity or even my doubts about the divinity of Christ. It has been all that and more.

Walking Toward Resurrection
Digital Book
Discovering the transgender connections in Scripture & understanding the trans experience as holy
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