Learn How To Get Through Your Next Family Get Together Feeling Safe, Strong, and Centered

For LGBTQ+ people, getting together with family—whether for the holidays, a special event, or even a simple meal—can be sources of strain, conflict, and sometimes outright hostility. If you are living with unaffirming family or attending an unaffirming church, the stakes are even higher.

From being misgendered or deadnamed to having parents try to set you up with people of genders to whom you aren't attracted to badgering you with personal and theological questions and so much more, we've been there.

In this 90-minute on-demand workshop, you will learn practical, actionable tactics as well as powerful mindset shifts so that you can get through your next family gathering feeling safe, strong, and centered.

You'll learn
  • The inner work that you need to do before you even talk to your family, friends, or church community
  • Exactly what boundaries are (and aren't) and how to set them so that it's not even possible for them to be crossed
  • How to develop a soul care + safety plan for before, during, and after your next family get together or potentially difficult conversation
  • Specific things you can say and do to keep yourself safe and centered
  • Write It Out! A printable and/or fillable PDF journal to guide you through processing hurtful experiences with your family, friends, or community
  • A 14-minute guided meditation for self-care
  • A recorded audio prayer for self-care
  • A curated music playlist of tunes to remind you of your worth, lift your spirits, and give voice to your feelings

This is an on-demand workshop. Information on how to access the training + bonuses will be sent to you immediately after registration.

Soul Safe is designed and licensed for an individual experience. If you are interested in using this workshop for a group, let us know here. We'd be happy to tailor it to your group needs!

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What Kristin from Connecticut got out of this training:
I went through [Queer Theology's self-care training] when I was in the middle of some of the worst depression of my life. I was out as queer and poly to most of my friends, but none of my family or my husband's family knew anything. I was in therapy working on coming to terms with having been emotionally abused by my family and my faith, but I wasn't ready to just walk away. I was hoping that maybe things could be okay. My family had an Easter dinner. I spent the dinner feeling belittled for my profession as a teacher, feeling as though the things I had been learning in my Master's Degree program were ignored as not important, and listening to my family make racist comments that were (unknown to them) about one of my partners. And I lost it. I went home and cried and felt so utterly angry and alone. A queer Christian friend saw my facebook vent and signed me up for the Self Care Guide as an offer to help me out. 

For me, the biggest help of the Self Care guide was the permission it gave me. It gave me permission to admit that my hurt was valid and very real. It gave me permission to start establishing the boundaries I needed to feel healthy and repair the very broken relationships I had with my family. There's still a lot of work to go between me and my family, but I can now stand my ground with confidence. When they start saying hurtful things, I can more comfortably express that it isn't okay and walk away. 

Having someone who knew the feelings guide me through the process of realizing what I need to feel safe and welcomed was priceless. It helped to have someone who knew what I was struggling with guide me through the process of understanding what I needed in my relationships with my family.