“Gender Identity,” “Transgender,” “Nonbinary,” “Gender Expression,” “Pronouns”…
Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the expanded ways people are talking about their identities. You’ve heard terms used a bunch and aren’t sure exactly what they mean. 

Or maybe you feel you have a good grasp on the basics but you’re not sure how it should impact your day to day life or ministry.

If you’re asking questions like: 
  • How DO we welcome trans/nonbinary people into our congregations? 
  • What does it look like to be an inclusive space? 
  • How do we work in solidarity with trans people? 
  • What might need to be different (in our language, in our services, in what we offer) in order to actually welcome trans/nonbinary folks? 

 Then this workshop is for you! 


The first half of the workshop will be about getting clear on what being trans/nonbinary means so we’re using a shared language. 


The second half will be about putting our welcome into practice.

This workshop is for: 

  • Cisgender folks who want to better work in solidarity with trans/nonbinary people 
  • Church leaders who want to make their congregations and services more welcoming
  • Trans/NB folks looking for an educational resource they can pass on to others so they don’t have to bare the burden of education 

This workshop will NOT: 

  • Explain why it’s okay to be trans 
  • Look at the Bible verses usually used to condemn trans people (check out Clobbering the Clobbers for that information)

This is an on-demand workshop training that you can take at any time. 

After you register, you'll get instant lifetime access to the materials inside our secure learning hub. Closed captioning is available.

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This is a workshop designed and licensed for an individual experience. If you are interested in using this course for a group, let us know here. We'd be happy to tailor A Name Greater: A Transgender & Christian Training to your group's needs!

“I must say that this in that transition period [between going to an unaffirming church and finding a new church home] the courses and community here became, in my mind, the real manifestation of the Body of Christ for me. This space will forever remain in my heart as the place where I learned that I deserved more than tolerance, and could ask God for more grace as manifested in a community ‘in real life’”

Jon Carl

A note about names:

If your name is different than your legal name, you may be able to register with the name you use, rather than your legal name / the name on the card. Whether or not that will be allowed is outside our control and varies from transaction to transition. If you have to use your legal name in order to get the transaction to go through, and that differs from the name you go by (or the name you would like to go by in this workshop), send us an email at connect@queertheology.com.